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Donations to MedicAlert® provide memberships for those who may not be able to afford the necessary fee. By donating to MedicAlert®, you could help us protect and save someone's life.

MedicAlert® Foundation of Southern Africa is a non-profit, member-based charitable organisation that relies solely on donations and service and product fees to provide a service to its members. MedicAlert receives no government funding.

Donations allow us to keep the cost of the service to a minimum for all members.

Special donations can be made to the Uncedo project, which is a fund set up to provide emblems for those who cannot afford to purchase them.

We can provide Section 18(A) certificates for your donation to submit with your tax return.

Make a Charitable Donation

Please select one of the following payment options to make your donation. Thank you for donating. We appreciate your support!

Option 1 – Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer
Banking details:
Bank: Absa
Account Name: MedicAlert Foundation of Southern Africa
Account No: 405 539 2303
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Membership number or Name & area
NPO Registration: 930 013 464

Option 2 – Donate via our shop

Donate to our cause by rounding off your purchase when purchasing an ID emblem in our shop.



We are thankful for ER's contribution to our organisation.

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